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A Christmas Busy B Poem

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Busy B,

Every dog was stirring with uncontrollable glee.

The leads were hung up with care

In hopes Dogmas would soon be there

The dogs would not settle into their beds,

With visions of treats swirling in their heads.

Charlie was bouncing, while Doug sat in Hollie’s lap,

And Suki, Boon, Freddie D and Richard let out a yap.

Wilbur, Lola and Bagel heard an unusual pitter patter,

They all erupted with barking to see what was the matter

Away to the door, Hannah bounded like dash,

She flung open the gate and saw a blinding flash.

She looked out at the impossible Portsmouth snow

To see Jaimie in the van, a sleigh in tow.

Her eyes adjusted to what appeared to be reindeer?

Until she saw little tails wagging from the rear!

Jaimie leapt from the van so lively and quick!

She’d dressed up the dogs was she taking the mick?

More rapid than greyhounds, Connie, Jasmine and Cath entered the frame

They whistled and shouted and called the reindogs by name:

Now Bears! Now Daisy!

Forward Max and Yogi!

Spaghetti and Rosie!

Go Donna P and Ted!

Make haste Bruce, Molly, Smith and Clarke!

To the top of Portsmouth! To the top of spinnaker!

Now Dash away!…… Dash Away!

But Dash did not stir

None of the dogs would stir and they definitely could not fly.

The walkers were in dismay; they should be in the sky!

They decided to regroup and figure this out as a crew

They needed to deliver all the gifts, this couldn’t be true.

Briony swooped in, ready to save the day

But they just would not fly, there was just no way.

And then, with a twinkling, Kamila jumped down from the roof

With a flick of her brush, the dogs transformed with a poof!

The dogs all sparkled, clean and anew,

Their fur darkened and from their heads antlers grew.

A rumbling emerged from inside, it seemed the others caught word

They had all become reindogs and wanted to join the herd!

Henry, Freddie and Nelly waddled in the back

The others stormed forward ready to join the pack.

Their tails wagged in circles, Tongues all out,

The girls jumped in the sleigh and let out a shout!

Quick! grab the leads! Or we will surely crash!

Panting and wagging, their legs began to thrash

Up, up and away! Oh what a sight!

By some bizzare miracle these dogs took flight!

The winter air filled with barks and howls

Lucky for us they had already evacuated their bowels.

They delivered the gifts for every girl and boy,

And ended their night snuggled with their favourite toy.

Thank you to all of our customers old and new,

And a huge Merry Christmas from all our crew.

We hope your dog’s spread some festive cheer

Because they’ve certainly made our entire year.

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