Dog Blog

  • ‘But they’re just a dog’
    Some days can just be the absolute worst. Your boss shouted at you, you had a row with your partner and your car broke […]
  • Pancake Day with your dog!
    Happy pancake day! It’s time to confess your love for them and then forget they exist for the rest of the year. Such is […]
  • Dog of the month- January 2020 Yogi!
    Congratulations to Yogi for being named dog of the month. Yogi is one of our longest standing clients being with us for over 8 […]
  • So what is this ‘Natural Instinct’ we keep going on about?
    Natural instinct is perhaps the best and healthiest food for your dog or cat. Natural instinct’s mantra is to feed your pet just as […]
  • A Christmas Busy B Poem
    Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Busy B, Every dog was stirring with uncontrollable glee. The leads were hung up with care […]
  • Wintertime with your dog
    Winter is well and truly here and we’re all feeling the cold and wet weather. Your dogs are probably feeling it too. While it […]
  • Meet Jaimie
    I have a long history of animal care with a family business in Basingstoke which I helped out with a lot before I went […]
  • Meet Hannah
    I’m Hannah and this is my lovely dog Meadow. Growing up I just loved animals there was nothing else I wanted to work with. […]
  • Doggy Toxins
    We wouldn’t want your little furry friend to get unwell, so here’s a helping hand on what not to feed your dog or to […]
  • A few ways to cure your dogs boredom..
    BusyB have collected a few ways to prevent your doggies from being bored at home, for example if you pop to the shop or […]
  • Doggy bakery right here at BusyB!
    Our dogs love going for a walk along the seafront (us too) and i bet your pooch does too! Thats why we locally stock […]
  • We now stock a range of raw food
    BusyB now stock Natural Instinct, Poppys Picnic, Utterly Rawsome and Hunters Choice. Pop on into our shop to check out the full range of […]
  • BusyB now has a full-time grooming service.
    BusyB now has a full time grooming service. We offer everything from a bath brush and go to a full groom. Contact us for […]