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Pancake Day with your dog!

Happy pancake day! It’s time to confess your love for them and then forget they exist for the rest of the year. Such is tradition. but can your dog also enjoy pancake day? Well yes but be mindful of what you’re giving them. Pancakes aren’t healthy so moderation is key so treat this as a one off (You probably won’t make them till next year anyway) and be careful of their allergies such as wheat allergies

Okay… So what can I give my dog?

Apple, Banana, Cucumber, dog biscuits- Perhaps not the first choices for pancake toppings but these are safe ones and healthiest ones too.

Do not give your dog these toppings:

Chocolate– This is sort of biblical for dog owners at this point. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and can be fatal. Do not feed them it. If they’ve had chocolate in the past and been fine they were lucky. Don’t risk their lives for chocolate.

Grapes and Raisins-  Again, toxic. Eating these can lead to kidney failure in your dog. Keep their paws off them.

Anything with Xylitol (Peanut butter)- No, don’t ask me how you pronounce it. Just know it’s very toxic for dogs. Chewing gum, toothpaste and mouth wash contain it but I highly doubt that’s a popular pancake topping. Peanut butter however does contain it so stay away from that.

Golden or maple syrup/ Sugar- No syrup?! But that’s a staple part of a pancake! Sorry. While not toxic, it’s very unhealthy to your dog due to it being mainly sugar. You should always avoid anything with high sugar content.

So why not get creative this pancake day? Flex that creative bone of yours shape it like a bone or a paw. Sprinkle a few of their favourite treats on it. Go for that triple pancake flip and just generally have fun. But always remember to keep their pancakes free of toxins and make sure not to over indulge them. 1 or 2 is fine but 3+ is when you should really stop. Fight the puppy eyes and stand your ground.

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