Naked Dog Pure Raw Food

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It’s Pure, but not simple! A mix of meat, bone and offal. Purely meat, and nothing else. We want dogs to eat meals that benefit them. That’s what Pure is all about! Naked Dog Pure is a great source of protein in your dog’s raw food diet.

ND Pure Turkey -2x500g-
ND Pure Lamb -2x500g-
ND Pure Beef -2x500g-
ND Pure Wild Boar -2x500g-
ND Pure Duck -2x500g-
ND Pure Rabbit -2x500g-
ND Pure Venison -2x500g-


The Pure range by Naked Dog is a complete and balanced meal following the popular 80/10/10 feeding model, using a delicious blend of meat, bone and offal made from liver and kidney.  Made from a single protein, this raw food is a great option for dogs who are following an elimination diet, or if they experience food intolerances or are allergic to certain proteins, thanks to the hypoallergenic ingredients


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