The Dogs Butcher Raw food

From £3.80

BRITISH MEAT   Sourced from, hand picked and delivered straight to you from Devon.

CHOICE & VARIETY   Over 100 different product lines.

NOSE TO TAIL   As many different parts of the animal as possible to provide nose to tail nutrition.

MADE WITH PASSION   We strive to provide the best for thousands of dogs all across the country.

DB Purely Chicken 1kg
DB Purely Turkey 1kg
DB Purely Duck 1kg
DB Purely Ox 1kg
DB Purely Lamb 1kg
DB Ox mince with Chicken 1kg
DB Ox mince with Duck 1kg
DB Ox Tripe & Chicken 1kg
DB Ox Tripe & Duck 1kg
DB Ox Tripe & Turkey 1kg
DB Salmon Beef & Ox Tripe 1kg
DB Lamb Tripe & Duck 1kg
DB Mixed Meat with Duck 1kg
DB Mixed Meat with Turkey 1kg
DB Venison, Beef & Turkey 1kg
DB Salmon & Turkey 1kg
DB Scottish Salmon & Wild Venison 1kg


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