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So what is this ‘Natural Instinct’ we keep going on about?

Natural instinct is perhaps the best and healthiest food for your dog or cat. Natural instinct’s mantra is to feed your pet just as nature intended. But what does that mean? Dogs and cats are carnivores and have that instinct within them to hunt. Living with us though, well they’re not exactly seasoned hunters anymore. Most of the hunting they do is hunting for cuddles but that’s completely fine.

Natural instinct is a way for them to receive the healthy goodness they did before domestication. Natural instinct is raw meat which provides your pooch or kitty with all the vital goodness to make them super animals. It boosts their energy, makes their coats shine and sparkle, freshens up their breath, healthier skin, bones and digestion, the ability to fly. Maybe not that last part but all the others yes.

That’s all well and good, but surely with all those benefits I will have to re- mortgage the house and cut out takeaway meals? Surprisingly no, no you don’t. Switching to a raw diet means an all in one meal. Kibble is not required therefore the price isn’t too big of a difference if at all!

Things to know

  • Raw food is taken on it’s own without the need for kibble
  • Shelf life is 3 days after defrosted.
  • 500g will last a medium sized dog 3-4 meals
  • 1kg is more suited for bigger dogs and lasts around 1-2 meals
  • Portion sizes differ depending on breed and size of dog
  • Price range from £2.85-£4.35 depending on choice of meat or £4-£5.95 for lamb.
  • It is a healthier diet for your pet.

But how much will my pet actually need? Dog comes in all shapes and sizes. Some can fit in the palm of your hand, others are 50 feet tall but luckily the natural instinct website has a handy calculator so you don’t need to ponder. Simply put in your dog’s weight and it will give an estimate of how much your dog will need per day. Follow the link below and scroll down to find it on the left side of the page.

If you’re considering starting your pet on a natural instinct swing by our shop today!

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