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Wintertime with your dog

Winter is well and truly here and we’re all feeling the cold and wet weather. Your dogs are probably feeling it too. While it can be tempting to hibernate with your dog on the sofa 24/7 in a vegetated state, they do still need stimulation. While we offer daytime walks, late evenings and night walks are up to you and can seem daunting in the wet and cold conditions. So make sure that both you and your dog are well equipped, dress up warm and brave the weather. Some breeds are more suited to the warm with a thick comfy coat like Labradors, German Shepard’s and of course Huskies (These Ice wolves are essentially built for this). Smaller dogs like Chihuahua’s and Short coated breeds such as Greyhounds, Whippets and Staffordshire Bull Terriers may struggle in the weather. It might be worth investing in a winter coat to help them combat the cold. If you want to really get in sync with your pet you could get matching jumpers and be the coolest pet owner combo around.

It also gets dark around 4pm now which isn’t fun at all and can make the outside world seem all that scarier. Make sure both you and your pooch are safe in these darker months and stick to well-lit areas and routes you know. Consider bringing a torch or dressing you or your dog up in reflective clothing so you’re more visible while close to roads. For exercising your dog outside with a ball for example, look into grabbing a flashing ball so it’s easier to keep track of your dog for re-call and the ball itself. If in the unlikely event we do have snow in Portsmouth very soon make sure you take care of your pooches paws. Remove any packed snow or ice balls that may be trapped In their paw pads. Is the snow or ice bad for your dog though? Because quite often they will try to lick or eat it. It is not poisonous to them but sharp ice and large pieces may be difficult for them to chew and cause dental issues.

But hey we get it, the weather’s dark and depressing and the mere thought of leaving your palace of comfort might upset you both. Maybe it’s too dangerous and we get an unusual amount of snow again. That’s okay just make sure that your dog gets some indoor exercise for days like these. Play fetch with them or tug of war or make up a little game with them get creative with it but make sure they are safe, happy and fulfilled indoors.

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